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I recently came across About Us, a web directory of domains that uses a wiki as its underlying engine. Most of the pages are created by a bot. You enter the domain name, and the bot collects information about the domain and creates a page from a standard template. It is an interesting concept, but some people are questioning the ethics of the site. (More on that in a later post.)

Since much of the site is auto generated it often requires editing to be more useful. This includes the categories a page belongs to, which are often just a list of key works. (Good thing as a wiki anyone can edit it)

So to make Australian sites easier to find I created a new category: Australian Roleplaying. I added sites I found in AboutUs, linked sites, and other sites that I know of.

The category now sits at around 60 club, convention, designer, published and shop sites. Not bad for a few days spare time. :)

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