links for 2010-07-18

  • Looking out the windows of Kingsford Smith Airport's domestic terminal at planes of fluffy white clouds and blue sky peeking through.
  • If video killed the radio star, then downloads may in turn kill the video. The advent of Foxtel IQ, Telstra's T-box and fetchTV, which allow movies to be downloaded on demand, threatens to render the local video store redundant.
  • New research suggests that misinformed people rarely change their minds when presented with the facts — and often become even more attached to their beliefs. The finding raises questions about a key principle of a strong democracy: that a well-informed electorate is best.
  • "Trading in shares on the stock market requires certain skills and expertise and to expect this from deities would not be proper," judges P.B. Majumdar and Rajendra Sawant said, according to Indian newspapers.
  • About the beatup and FUD behind cybercrime.
  • While preaching is not allowed in Australian public schools, it is apparently fine to replace school counsellors with 'Christian Volunteers' such as Darryl.
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