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When $2.50 is 20% of $7.50 at Coles

It’s funny, but a little worrying, when supermarkets can’t do maths correctly on their signs. I suppose this is erring on the side of caution, saying you get 20% but giving you 33%, rather than saying you get 33% any … Continue reading

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Books on Business Modelling at UTS library are dangerous #photo

A sign around the construction site for the new UTS library warns people of the dangers of Business Modelling, and not enter these books.

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It’s an overhead walkway Clearance sale. Now only 3.6 million #photo

There is a clearance sale on for overhead walkways at Macquarie University. Now only $3.6m.

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Fruit shown is illustrative of flavour only and is not an Ingredient of the product

Don’t those new 13 flavour weeks Slurpees from 7 Eleven look interesting? I’ve seen ones that are half watermelon, half strawberry, and the latest one is half passion fruit. But wait. Have your read the text at the bottom of … Continue reading

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Resident Evil project management: Think Global Kill local

Visiting the movies today, I noticed a new poster for Resident Evil: Retribution. With an interesting take on a common project management mantra “Think Global. Kill local.” Other comments on this poster: Think Global. Kill Local. With These NEW Posters … Continue reading

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The latest campaign to stop an oppressive regime? #EndRoadwork

Walking past UTS today I was confronted by this sign in the middle of the foot path. Is this a part of a protest movement against another oppressive regime? Another cause they we should all be standing up in support … Continue reading

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Highlighting organic on your sign? Maybe use green text? (photo)

Noticed this supermarket in Glebe highlighting the fact it sells organic products by putting the word organic in a different colour. But, if you are going to go to that much trouble, is black really the correct colour for the … Continue reading

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Pay less, Talk more, but don’t try to use the Internet in Sydney CBD (with Vodafone)

Photo taken while standing outside Wynyard station trying to access the Internet on my iPhone and getting lots of nothing.

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Where you’d rather be? State of Inebriation?

Advertising I found in the UTS food court. Some advertising slogans a bit strange. I suppose it makes sense. But I thought it would more meaningful with the added though bubble.

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