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Concerned about the safety of the Red Shirts at the Apple Stores. Will they all make it through Christmas?

Looking into my local Apple Store, I noticed all the employees were wearing Red Shirts. Combined with the look and feel of the store, like something out of a Star Trek episode, I’m concerned about their safety. Will they all … Continue reading

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links for 2011-03-16

Apple copyright case over iPhone application from production company | Crikey Apple is back in the Federal Court tomorrow, facing a copyright infringement claim from Australian TV production company Jigsaw Entertainment. If Apple loses, it and every other software distributor … Continue reading

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Bored at Bondi Junction (Apple Store)

An employee or security sitting bored the Apple Store in Bondi Junction. It is about 8pm. So are they closing up, or waiting for something else?

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iTunes tells me 1 app update available, but which one?

I recently inherited an iPhone 3G from my sister. It works ok, for my first iPhone. And I am just experimenting with what you can do with it and what is worth putting on it. At which point I encounter … Continue reading

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Cleaning Apple’s (photo)

Cleaning the Apple store tonight in Sydney CBD.

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Bookmarking in the iTunes store

Do you ever find things in the iTunes store and think “I don’t want that now, but might be interested later”? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bookmark feature in iTunes? Well its good to see that I am … Continue reading

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The Apple Buzzle Puzzle: Did AAPL control insolvent reseller

Apple Australia is being sued for allegedly controlling a failed reseller, trading while insolvent for months. This reseller (and by inference, its managers) was so grossly incompetent that Apple did not trust its management’s ability to manage and account for … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs has menopause

In recent news I see that Steve Jobs is having hormone issues. Reports say that his current weight less is not due to a recurrence of cancer, just a hormone imbalance. Isn’t it obvious, at 53 Jobs, the mother of … Continue reading

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Nano big at Shinjuku station

As you leave Shinjuku station via the west exit you can’t but notice the mass of advertising for Apple iPod Nano. The rise between the pedestrian level and the ceiling has a ring of iPod advertisements (pictured below). And many … Continue reading

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