iTunes tells me 1 app update available, but which one?

I recently inherited an iPhone 3G from my sister. It works ok, for my first iPhone. And I am just experimenting with what you can do with it and what is worth putting on it.

At which point I encounter my first silly user interface feature of iTunes 10.

iTunes displays a 1 next to Apps. A mouse over sells me that means there is 1 app update available.

But which one?

If I look at my list of Apps in iTunes, none of them seem to be marked any different that the others. There is no indication which one has an update available.

How are you supposed to check which one needs updating?
The only mention of update in a menu check if iTunes needs updating.

Right clicking on the Apps only gives you the option to: Get Info, Show in Finder, or Delete
(Get Info tells you nothing about updates.)

So, what is the simple way to find out what needs updating and download updates? I really don’t want to have to go and find each App in the iTunes store again and check the version numbers. Surely there is a better way than this?

Edit 19.01.2011:
Solved my own problem. Down the right hand corner of the iTunes Apps window is a 1 Update Available link, which takes you to a iTunes store page listing the update(s) available.

So there is something that will tell you which App needs updating, it just isn’t very obvious.

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