Vodafone Billing options don’t give you enough digits

This is more a complaint about bad web design than Vodafone itself.

I was looking in the MyVodafone site. Needed to check billing info. And noticed this silly error on the Billing options page.

As you can see from the screenshot, the Notify me when bill is ready option is pre-filled with 614. But if you fill out the text box with number, the last digit will not fit.

The problem is that the text box is set to only allow 10 characters/digits. The html says maxlength=”10″.

This would be alright if you entered you number as ’04’. But putting ‘614’ add an extra digit. So a 11 digit number does not fit in a 10 digit space.

The person(s) responsible for designing the Vodafone site should really have thought of this.

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