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Domain names, DNS .com domains are not supported at this time @Netregistry

Netregistry currently has a promotional discount offer on and .com domains displayed on its from page. But if you try to register one,  the error message below is displayed (click the image to enlarge). So, it looks like Netregistry’s … Continue reading

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I want a Japanese .テスト domain

Browsing the IANA – Root Zone Database I notices there are a few root level domains that exist for testing purposes. Scroll right to the bottom of the page and you will find .テスト (TeSuTo for those that can’t read … Continue reading

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Where is your Australian Passport advice?

Looking up information about Australian passports the other day I noticed the following sponsored link. The URL listed looked wrong to me. Australia doesn’t allow domains straight on the ‘.au’, only as second level domains. There is no But … Continue reading

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Google gobble and domains are flushed down utube

Articles of interest about Google buying YouTube. The lawsuits expected. And the problems it has caused the holder of a similar domain, Articles: Google hedges against YouTube lawsuits (SMH, 16 Nov 2006) Policeman’s YouTube email goes to utube (SMH, … Continue reading

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74000 Suspended .EU domains

The non proffit organisation that manages .EU domains, EUEid, has suspended 74000 of them. EURid beleives that 3 companies “are acting as a front for a number of registrars“. And that the registrars are warehousing the domains in breach of … Continue reading

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