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Steinography (definition)

steinography / steinography / noun: The art of concealing and transmitting messages in German beer mugs. “Agent P, your contact will be at the German pub. Prepare for some steinography.”

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What makes you a local?

Examining what makes you a local, a response to the question on Chris Bath’s Evening show Continue reading

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Cryptoecurrency (definition)

Cryptoecurrency (or Crypt toe currency)\ noun:A currency used by grave robbers, necromancers, and other denizens of graveyards. Mostly comprised of toes collected from dead bodies.

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I browse recipes vs. Eyebrows recipes

When your cooking ideas just go the wrong way Continue reading

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The Blog with No Posts

But there’s nothing so lonesome so morbid or drear
As a blog with no posts for a whole friggin year Continue reading

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Art on traffic light controller. “days one” by Stephen Evens

How does your suburb deal with monotony of every day utility objects and make them more interesting? Walking around Bondi Junction I found some nice beautification, including art on traffic light controller. These are all titled “days one” by Stephen … Continue reading

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UFO descents through clouds at sunset to snatch man

A striking image I caught at sunset in Chinatown, Sydney. The man looks over his shoulder, just as the UFO descends to snatch him.

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220g @CadburyAU blocks are on special at @Woolworths, except they are only 200g blocks

Cadbury chocolate blocks are shrinking to 200g, but Woolworths still marks them as 220g on sale tags. I think we have an issue here Continue reading

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Schemes Cobra couldn’t achieve, but the banks are trying

G.I. Joe’s Cobra has some mad schemes, like replacing all the money with it’s own. It should have become a bank, and things might work out better. Continue reading

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Why you don’t space people in a closed ecosystem #The100

Having just watched the first episode of The 100, I felt the need to write about one flaw of the episode. Why are they spacing people they don’t like? It’s a waste of resources. I can see the rational for … Continue reading

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