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Have you signed up for a Qantas debit card? No, neither have a lot of people it seems…

I received an email from Qantas trying to flog me their new debit card. The first paragraph got me thinking: “We’ve had so much interest in the exciting new Qantas Card and Qantas Cashâ„¢ that we’ve decided to extend the … Continue reading

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Fruit shown is illustrative of flavour only and is not an Ingredient of the product

Don’t those new 13 flavour weeks Slurpees from 7 Eleven look interesting? I’ve seen ones that are half watermelon, half strawberry, and the latest one is half passion fruit. But wait. Have your read the text at the bottom of … Continue reading

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Yoda, make ads for @CitiBankAus, he does #photo

You know that times must be tough for Yoda when you find he has to write advertising for Citibank. Make everyday, fee free. We have.

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Pay less, Talk more, but don’t try to use the Internet in Sydney CBD (with Vodafone)

Photo taken while standing outside Wynyard station trying to access the Internet on my iPhone and getting lots of nothing.

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Out of TouchPad

Add around Sydney CBD are these signs advertising the wonders of a new device. Wouldn’t you just love one? Doesn’t it look great? Well, you are too late, and so are the ads. HP has already canned the TouchPad. And, … Continue reading

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Where you’d rather be? State of Inebriation?

Advertising I found in the UTS food court. Some advertising slogans a bit strange. I suppose it makes sense. But I thought it would more meaningful with the added though bubble.

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Vodafone SIM only Caps advertising double data allowance

I have been a Vodafone customer for a while. Most recently as pre-paid. When a friend game me their old iPhone I had the need to move to a plan with data allowance. And the Vodafone SIM only plans looked … Continue reading

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Who will dub Iron Chef Australia?

Popping up around Sydney at the moment are ads for a new Channel 7 show, Iron Chef Australia. From the poster I can see they have selected Neil Perry, Guy Grossi and Guillaume Brahimi as their Iron Chefs. I don’t … Continue reading

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Lets do the Twist, in Pyrmont

Today Union square in Pyrmont was occupied camera crew, support personnel, and all their associated paraphernalia. Looked to be filming a TV commercial for KFC’s Twisters.

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Much experience waiting? Join the queue

Saw this wanted ad in the window of a café in Newtown. Must have waiting and coffee experience. Yes, I’ve spent extended amounts on time waiting in phone queues for a customer service representative. And by the time you get … Continue reading

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