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Questionable specs for the new Mac eTax software

The ATO has finally released their Mac eTax software, but the computer requirement seem a little strange. I understand having one of the last 3 Mac OS X versions (10.6, 10.7 10.8) as a requirement. But the hardware requirements seem … Continue reading

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Need an anti-virus solution? Try this new (no)power solution

Are you having problems finding an adequate anti-virus to protect the users you support? Try this new (no)power solution. Removing the possibility of unintentional or intentional installation of malware or viruses. It reduces infection rate to zero. And is a … Continue reading

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Out of TouchPad

Add around Sydney CBD are these signs advertising the wonders of a new device. Wouldn’t you just love one? Doesn’t it look great? Well, you are too late, and so are the ads. HP has already canned the TouchPad. And, … Continue reading

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Low tech high tech, or just old tech

Going through a collection of old things in my parents garage I found these 2 PC expansion cards (which I guess are ISA). Look how many chips they have, and the huge head sinks. And yet, I think they are … Continue reading

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links for 2011-03-05

Computer fault – you can bank on it CONSUMERS can expect more inconvenience and disruptions to services offered by companies such as banks and airlines as a result of computer glitches, experts say. (tags: computer fail bank airline CommBank ATM … Continue reading

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Frantic Computer by Green Chilli Music

The computer places its call… Hello… Yes… No… Yes… Yes.. No. No. No. Ahhh….. What do computers talk about? And don’t they sometimes sound a little frantic? This is an experimental piece. I was interested to try writing a tune … Continue reading

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