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Changes on NSW public Transport tickets due to Opal cards

Opal cards are changing the way public transport ticketing works in NSW. Some questions I have about how this affects pensioners and families. Continue reading

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Sheltering from the rain, while waiting for a bus to Balmain (photo)

In the downpour this morning (around 8:30am) masses huddled under the awing behind the Queen Victoria Building waiting for a 441 or 442 to Balmain. Unfortunately there had been an three car accident on the Anzac bridge causing traffic delays. … Continue reading

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Masses need transport to escape a cold, wet Sydney CBD

Today has been a very wet day in Sydney. This morning you almost needed a bathysphere to go outside. This afternoon, as the masses tried to leave the city, queues of wet people cramed onto buses.

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Ask STA about busses to Balmain between 8 and 9 am

Arriving for a bus to Balmain behind the QVB this morning I found a mass of other people also waiting (as you can see from the photo, with even more behind me). While it can be expected that many people … Continue reading

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Buses queue outside QVB

At peak hour on Friday morning even the buses had to queue for parking behind the Queen Victoria Building.

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But the sign said, signal bus driver

Misinterpretation of the bus stop sign?

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Lookout for that bus!!!

Motion shot of the bus going round the corner. Looks like it is about to topple over into the photographer.

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Backed up due to bus strike in Sydney

With the bus strike in Sydney the trip home on Friday evening must have been a long and tedious one for many. Here you can see Wattle Street, one of the main feeder roads for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and … Continue reading

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Transport for all need not cost $600b: expert

A SWEEPING, multibillion-dollar transport plan, to be unveiled next week in a discussion paper from a leading transport researcher, Garry Glazebrook, of the University of Technology, Sydney, proposes linking almost every home, office and university in Sydney to upgraded train, … Continue reading

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Prams put squeeze on Sydney buses

There is a baby boom in Sydney at the moment, most apparent in inner city suburbs. But state public transport system is failing new parents with prams. New policies by State Transit are making it harder to use the service, … Continue reading

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