#include “StandardDisclaimer.h”

All sites these days seem to need a disclaimer, so here is mine. This disclaimer covers the contents of this blog/site.


  1. The contents of this site is copyright Leefe Hicks
  2. Aside from comments made by other people.


  1. Anyone can submit comments to this site.
  2. Unless blocked by some anti-spam measure, or technical problem.
  3. Comments you posted will appear on this site.
  4. When I get round to approving them.
  5. Unless they are blocked by some anti-spam measure.
  6. Or I don’t like the comment, for whatever reason.
  7. Comments submitted are licenced to the site in a non-retractable, free for use form.


  1. Links on this site are provided in an as is state.
  2. Links to external sites does not necessarily constitute endorsement of the linked site.


  1. The spelling on this site is in Australian English.
  2. Unless another spelling is more appropriate.
  3. This site may contain spelling mistakes or typos, despite or due to the use of electronic spelling aids.


  1. The content of this site is updated from time to time.
  2. This site may not be updated for a while if no time is available to do so.
  3. Some updates my be back posted. This could be because: they were mostly written at the time they are back posted to; they are about an event in the past; some other reason.
  4. This disclaimer may be updated from time to time. It is the responsibility of the reader to check the disclaimer.

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