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Lines to infinity on Central Station (no, not the queues) #photo

Lines of light and shadow on the platform extending to a point at infinity. Central Station, Sydney

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NSW trains stopping with enough precision to meet doors on the platform?

Today’s Sydney Morning Herald has an article about the ways the state government is looking to ‘ease peak hour train crush‘. Some of the things though I just don’t see working. Like the intention to: “introducing ”screen doors” between platforms … Continue reading

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These are not the doors you are looking for (photo)

All the doors on the second carriage of my train this morning were taped up with “Door out of order please use another door” stickers. And the inter carriage doors disabled. I suppose the carriage was having problems, but it … Continue reading

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More signage for drunks

This signage for drunks is getting so passé. Seen it before. But I suppose these vandals think they are being original.

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Signage for drunks

Every wondered how drunks lying on CityRail trains know what they shouldn’t be doing? Looks like someone else had the same idea and moved the prohibitions sign accordingly.

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Vending machine sign maintenance

Worker fixing the sign mounted atop a ticket vending machine on Town Hall station, Sydney. Apparently the sign is there to spruik the fact the machine also takes Eftpos.  Unfortunately this has creating a longer queue in front of the … Continue reading

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Transport for all need not cost $600b: expert

A SWEEPING, multibillion-dollar transport plan, to be unveiled next week in a discussion paper from a leading transport researcher, Garry Glazebrook, of the University of Technology, Sydney, proposes linking almost every home, office and university in Sydney to upgraded train, … Continue reading

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If there is danger…

Sign from a carriage of a State Rail train in Sydney. The sign reads: Emergency Procedure 1. If danger present move to another carriage 2. If you are last close the door behind you 3. Inform guard or driver of … Continue reading

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Across the platform

Looking across the platform at Shinjuku station, from a train on the Chūō-Sōbu Line to a packed train on the Yamanote Line.

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Get on the iPod train

Looking back through the photos I have taken in Tokyo I found this one of a train covered in iPod advertisements. Not just the outside, but also all the ads inside. Being the major transportation form in Tokyo, about 70% … Continue reading

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