Trending Topics Mash

After all the raucous about Mrs Slocombes Pussy I thought it would be fun to create a tweet containing all, or as many as I could fit, of the day’s Trending Topics at twitter.

(Use the hash tag #TTMash)

Below is a list of my tweets for each day and a screen capture of the topics for the day.


Ok Rove, Public Enemies say Goodnight at #iranelection to Michael Jackson feeding #moonfruit to #MrsSlocombesPussy (permalink, image)


For Independence Day Serina & Venus Williams saw Public Enemies at Wimbledon with Michael Jackson. Eating their Happy Fourth #moonfruit (permalink, image)


Federer asked Steve McNair What YouTube Celeb at Wimbledon got the Short Stack of Harry Potter from France #TTMash (permalink, image)


#Farts from Michael Jackson & Robert McNamara allow France to #rebootbritain when Adam Lambert stops #musicmonday for Iran  #TTMash (permalink, image)


What the TGIF. Its #unacceptable how Brun  uses Pirates to Torchwood Pointing to #ashes on Follow Friday at the #iranelection. #TTMash (permalink, image)


#Ihavetoadmit Chuck Norris beats Michael Jackson at UFC 100. Pirates say Bruno thinks #Chrisisadouche. And Rove plays Mario Marathon #TTMash (permalink, image)


Harry Potter asked Camilla What Style are you? If Europeans Get It will AT&T feed SONA to their iPhone on #musicmonday? No #mpora its #TTM (permalink, image)


I Have Never Used New Moon in Modern Warfare 2 on Dravid, Although #theresway2many #wherethehellyoubeen for #musicmonday Goodnight #TTMash (permalink, image)