Irate Pirate vs. I Rate Pirate (definition)

Irate Pirate \ noun: The label given to very angry pirates. Often characterised by more cursing and waving of swords, flintlock Pistols, and other object than usual.

“The pirate staggered into the tavern. Cursed at avery second person they passed, and stuff from their last voyage. That was one irate pirate. “

I rate pirate \ phrase: The act of rating the efectiveness, usefulness or appearance of a pirate. Often used when the first mate rated new recruits, the crew about each other, and people in the ports the pirate ships would dock in.

I rate pirate \ noun: An early social media platform created by Whiteberg the pirate to rate the performance and appearance of fellow pirates. Due to the popularity on ship, the platform was expanded and evolved into the current HookBook. A platform hugely popular with those stuck on boats with nothing else to do (in the small amouts of time when off duty).

After the popularity of HookBook was realised, an IPO (Initial Pirate Offering) was run, which brought in many chests of gold coins. This allowed further development of the platform, and made Whiteberg very rich overnight.

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash
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