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links for 2011-05-12

Your photos? Not so according to many popular photo-sharing apps – TNW Industry There are a number of online photo sharing sites, but may of them have notes in their Terms of Service (ToS) that allow them to get payment … Continue reading

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Ludlam, come to the dark side of the Farce (cartoon)

A cartoon inspired by the appearance of Clive Hamilton on the Four Corners episode last week. Maybe it was before I fixed the aspect ratio in iView, but Clive reminded me of the Emperor from Star Wars.

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links for 2010-05-07

Facebook Privacy Complaints The Electronic Privacy Information Centre said Thursday it had joined 14 other organisations in filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission charging the social networking website with “unfair and deceptive” practices. (tags: Facebook privacy FTC ABC … Continue reading

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This cartoon has been classified RC

The term RC keeps getting rolled out when referring to what the filters will block. But what does RC actually stand for? Rudd and Conroy.

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I love the smell of filters in the morning

The current attitude by the Australian government about the Internet filter is a worry. A self righteous disdain for anybody else’s opinion. Or the collateral damage that they will cause. Reminds me of the Lieutenant Colonel from Apocalypse Now, who … Continue reading

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Somebody think of the children, Rudd & Conroy

In the current debate Rudd and Conroy seem to just keep churning out the same statements about the internet filters, despite what anybody says. Childish really.

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Australian Internet Blackout v1.0 released

Just updated my Australian Internet Blackout WordPress plugin to version 1.0. Version 1.0 makes use of the wp_enqueue_script() function to load the Blackout JavaScript. This should stop the double loading of jQuery, and avert possible conflicts (that is the theory … Continue reading

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Australian Internet Blackout WordPress Plugin

I have been a bit lax recently about posting to my blog, and updating the Conroy’s Christmas present list. But my spare time has been taken up learning to write WordPress plugins. For my first WordPress plugin I present the … Continue reading

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Which anti filter group should you belong to?

One of the big problems is the anti filter campaign at the moment is its divided front. There is no clear leader giving direction to the campaign. The No Internet Censorship site, run by the Australian Democrats, has an interesting … Continue reading

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And on the 8th day…

And on the 8th day God created the Internet Filter. Commanding ‘Thou shall have no other Internet before me’.

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