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Preliminary results of testing…

And the preliminary results of my testing are in. It appears that Akismet, Efficient Related Posts and Twitter Tools are the trifecta. Having just these three plugins enabled causes the blog to stall on post. Well it posts, but it … Continue reading

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Twitter Tools causing my blog to hang on post

I apologise to all those people having to deal with my/their twitter stream being spammed. Was having a problem with the blog hanging on posting a new entry. And needed to do some testing. From all my testing I can … Continue reading

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Caution, runaway Delicious

In the interest of getting more posts on my blog I set Delicious to post links that I had added daily. And to announce to the world there was a new post I added the Shorten2Ping plugin that sends to … Continue reading

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Australian Internet Blackout v1.0 released

Just updated my Australian Internet Blackout WordPress plugin to version 1.0. Version 1.0 makes use of the wp_enqueue_script() function to load the Blackout JavaScript. This should stop the double loading of jQuery, and avert possible conflicts (that is the theory … Continue reading

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Australian Internet Blackout WordPress Plugin

I have been a bit lax recently about posting to my blog, and updating the Conroy’s Christmas present list. But my spare time has been taken up learning to write WordPress plugins. For my first WordPress plugin I present the … Continue reading

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