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links for 2011-03-22

Robot Suits Transform Humans Into Super Strong Cyborgs | Fast Company Cyberdine has just shown the next iteration of its HAL robots–strap-on exoskeletons that boost the user's strength with electric motors. Could they be used after the next large-scale disaster? … Continue reading

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And Delicious.com went berserk…

So you try for some self promotions. Set your blog to automatically post to Delicious and twitter. And since you submit links to Delicious you want them posted daily to your blog. And them Delicious goes berserk. Deciding to post … Continue reading

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Caution, runaway Delicious

In the interest of getting more posts on my blog I set Delicious to post links that I had added daily. And to announce to the world there was a new post I added the Shorten2Ping plugin that sends to … Continue reading

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