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Conroy’s Christmas present, Internet censorship #nocleanfeed

Stephen Conroy has delivered his Christmas present early, ISP level Internet filter. Tuesday afternoon the government announced that was giving the green light to its controversial censorship plan. And Conroy stated that we can look forward to legislation being introduced … Continue reading

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Government vs Internet

Unless you have been living under a rock, or have no internet connection, you will know that the Australian government is proposing to censor the internet in Austrlia. The recent events in Iran, and people’s use of twitter, show how … Continue reading

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Conroy backtracks on Internet Censorship policy

Australian politician Stephen Conroy has begun distancing himself from his highly controversial internet censorship policy. Although this is not a complete backdown. There still the intention to implement a list of filtered sites, just changing what is deemed to be … Continue reading

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Stephen Conroy Scope Creep

It was interesting to read that Stephen Conroy agrees that scope creep is a ‘legitimate point to raise’. Though he tries to duck any blame by pointing the finger at ‘parliamentary process for the possibility of the list expanding’. Just … Continue reading

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Children’s welfare groups slam net filters

Support for the Govt’s plan to censor the internet has hit rock bottom, with even some children’s welfare groups now saying that that the mandatory filters, aimed squarely at protecting kids, are ineffective and a waste of money. The filters, … Continue reading

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Internet Censorship in Australia – Getup and do something!

Federal Minister for Communications Stephen Conroy is trying to implement mandatory filtering of the internet amid public outcry. Online “activists” at Getup have organised a campaign that has received over 22,000 signatures in just one day, in an attempt to … Continue reading

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Fahrenheit 451 staring Stephen Conroy

For those that can’t read all the text on the movie poster: presented by OFFICE OF FILM AND LITERATURE CLASSIFICATION Stephen Conroy as Guy Montag Fahrenheit 451 2009? staring STEPHEN CONROY and STEVE FIELDING director AUSTRALIAN COMMUNICATION AND MEDIA AUTHORITY … Continue reading

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Censoring the censorship debate in Australia

The introduction of an R18+ rating for computer games has been delayed indefinitely after South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson withdrew his support for a discussion paper and public consultation process. Mr Atkinson has refused to allow the release of the … Continue reading

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Australian Net filters may block porn and gambling sites

Family First Senator Steve Fielding wants hardcore pornography and fetish material blocked under the Government’s plans to filter the internet, sparking renewed fears the censorship could be expanded well beyond “illegal material”… read more | digg story

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Aussie govt: Don’t criticize our (terrible) ‘Net filters

Stephen Conroy, Australia’s Minister For Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, gets called to task by an Australian newspaper for ignoring bad results from Internet filtering field tests and for attempting to stifle his critics. read more | digg story

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