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Lots of green crap, or Just flush it: a tale of green toilet paper

Shopping in the local Coles supermarket today I noticed that there are now 4 brands of ‘green’ toilet paper. It is interesting to note that the green market must be getting bigger if it can service this many brands. Now, … Continue reading

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Militant greeny’s message for Earth Hour

Are you turning you lights off between 8:30pm and 9:30pm for Earth Hour? “Turn it off for Earth Hour, or we’ll put your lights out!”

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Go organic with plastic at Woolworths

Trying to be green and buy organic? Or maybe just trying to avoid all the chemicals use in food production? Doesn’t it seems just a little ironic to find your organic carrots are sealed in plastic? I suppose it is … Continue reading

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Are you feeling Green, or Yellow, or Blue?

I saw this collection rubbish bins in Ultimo. With Green, Yellow and Blue lids. These days many local governments garbage collection services come with different bins for different types of rubbish. Of the bins below: green is actually general rubbish; … Continue reading

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Prams put squeeze on Sydney buses

There is a baby boom in Sydney at the moment, most apparent in inner city suburbs. But state public transport system is failing new parents with prams. New policies by State Transit are making it harder to use the service, … Continue reading

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