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When $2.50 is 20% of $7.50 at Coles

It’s funny, but a little worrying, when supermarkets can’t do maths correctly on their signs. I suppose this is erring on the side of caution, saying you get 20% but giving you 33%, rather than saying you get 33% any … Continue reading

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Lots of green crap, or Just flush it: a tale of green toilet paper

Shopping in the local Coles supermarket today I noticed that there are now 4 brands of ‘green’ toilet paper. It is interesting to note that the green market must be getting bigger if it can service this many brands. Now, … Continue reading

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The tuna that Coles rejects…

Shopping at Coles I noticed an interesting occurrence in the canned fish aisle. A complete lack of Greenseas tuna. While there seemed to be an abundance of John West tuna, as well as Coles tuna, and that yellow one Sirena. … Continue reading

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Are you game to eat from those bubble packs?

I understand that the packets of meat heat sealed may have slight bubbles in them, but, it makes you wonder if there is a problem somewhere is the bubbles distort the packaging. Was it packaged that way? Or is there … Continue reading

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Orange Juice for Chocoholics

The sign in Coles proclaimed “Made with 40% choc chips”. But do you really want choc chips in your OJ? And wouldn’t they get stuck in the straw?

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Need to stock more chocolate milk

Visiting the local Coles, or many other supermarkets for that matter, I find them devoid of of Oak chocolate milk. Quite often you will find full rows of strawberry or vanilla, maybe even some iced coffee. But no Oak chocolate … Continue reading

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