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220g @CadburyAU blocks are on special at @Woolworths, except they are only 200g blocks

Cadbury chocolate blocks are shrinking to 200g, but Woolworths still marks them as 220g on sale tags. I think we have an issue here Continue reading

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Orange Juice for Chocoholics

The sign in Coles proclaimed “Made with 40% choc chips”. But do you really want choc chips in your OJ? And wouldn’t they get stuck in the straw?

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Kraft’s sweettooth snacks on Cadbury

Cadbury, my favourite brand of chocolate, is being devoured by Kraft. For a deal worth £11.5 billion ($20.28 billion), or 860 pence a share, most of the articles I have seen talk about the worry of having to make ‘making … Continue reading

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Need to stock more chocolate milk

Visiting the local Coles, or many other supermarkets for that matter, I find them devoid of of Oak chocolate milk. Quite often you will find full rows of strawberry or vanilla, maybe even some iced coffee. But no Oak chocolate … Continue reading

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Choose, 100g or 200g for $3?

In the chocolate aisle at Coles the other day I noticed a paradox in pricing. The 100g blocks of Cadbury chocolate are $2.99. And the 200g blocks are on special at 2 for $6. So would you rather spend $3 … Continue reading

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Chocolate Pizza Cake

Went to a social event at Gourmet Pizza Kitchen in Chatswood tonight. And it definitely has fancy pizzas. I wasn’t involved in the ordering process, so I don’t know all the names of the pizzas, but with 10 people there … Continue reading

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Icecream at still life

A chocolate ice-cream cake covered in sorbet balls. Very nice to eat, but initially hard to serve. The cake proved too hard for slicing, so was served in scoops.

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