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links for 2011-04-27

Facebook’s complicated ownership history explained The long tale about who owns what bit of Facebook. (tags: Facebook ownership PaulCeglia EduardoSaverin TylerandCameronWinlevoss DivyaNarendra MarkZuckerberg DustinMoskovitz SeanParker PayPal PeterThiel TheSocialNetwork HarvardConnection ConnectU QuinnEmanuel i2hub WayneChang SMH Mashable) Hundreds of tweaks show Google … Continue reading

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Kraft’s sweettooth snacks on Cadbury

Cadbury, my favourite brand of chocolate, is being devoured by Kraft. For a deal worth £11.5 billion ($20.28 billion), or 860 pence a share, most of the articles I have seen talk about the worry of having to make ‘making … Continue reading

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This search engine may harm your browsing

Well it looks like Google is fubar. Every search result has a This site may harm your computer. link under it. And they all link to a Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer! page. All that … Continue reading

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Why would Hormel Foods name its product after junk email?

Hormel Foods, the producer of the canned pork product Spam is trying to stop the dilution of its product name. It doesn’t mind too much that “spam” has become a colloquial term referring to junk email. What it objects to … Continue reading

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Human edited directories

Recently I have been reading up on human edited directories. How they work, are they any good and can they be used to improve your ranking in search engines? Search engines use spiders and bots to index the web. These … Continue reading

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