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.com.au .com domains are not supported at this time @Netregistry

Netregistry currently has a promotional discount offer on .com.au and .com domains displayed on its from page. But if you try to register one,  the error message below is displayed (click the image to enlarge). So, it looks like Netregistry’s … Continue reading

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[Insert customer data privacy clause or law here, if applicable]

Don’t you just love sites where the owners forget to update defaults or fill in bits that have been left blank in the default template? It just shows those who are ‘detail oriented’, or not. If you look at the … Continue reading

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links for 2011-03-05

Computer fault – you can bank on it CONSUMERS can expect more inconvenience and disruptions to services offered by companies such as banks and airlines as a result of computer glitches, experts say. (tags: computer fail bank airline CommBank ATM … Continue reading

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The latest corporate game craze, McAfee Brickout (cartoon)

The latest craze. Set to replace Minesweeper as the number one game (time waster) on corporate Windows XP machine McAfee Brickout Appearing on a computer near you…

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Out of order ATM

Sorry, this machine is temporarily out of service Doesn’t it really annoy you finding an ATM that is not working? First the banks charge you for using someone else’s ATM, then you find their ATM broken so you have no … Continue reading

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Smoking Kills (computers)

As you can see from the cash register on the tobacco counter. (Coles, World Square)

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SMH has coffee problems

This morning the Sydney Morning Herald site seems to have had a few problems. The homepage displaying pages of Java error messages in place of articles (in a nice bright red and yellow). At all seems to have been rectified … Continue reading

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This search engine may harm your browsing

Well it looks like Google is fubar. Every search result has a This site may harm your computer. link under it. And they all link to a Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer! page. All that … Continue reading

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A shower rose by any other name

Had the head fall off my shower today. How useful do you think the internet would be for finding the cost of a replacement? Not very. I tried looking up prices on Hardware retailers web sites. No prices, not even … Continue reading

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