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It seems, @ClickFrenzy, some retailers’ websites have crapped themselves even before 7pm

An alliance of Australian retailers trying to make themselves still relevant in the online shopping world (something they have ignored for may years hoping it would die) have decided to try and emulate the US’s Cyber Monday with their effort … Continue reading

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Shop online, avoid security cameras

A sign on Marcs at the Queen Victoria Building, suggesting you shop online to avoid surveillance cameras. Or am I misinterpreting the combination of signs?

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links for 2011-01-05

The internal email The internal email from the advertising agency about the GST for online purchases campaign that they want to run. (tags: FD email GST Myer BernieBrookes SMH) Revealed: retailers’ secret tax strategy The secret strategy of the retailers … Continue reading

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Caught by NetBank problems?

Walking though Paddington today I noticed a few of these advertisements on bus stops advertising the ‘marvel’ that is the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s NetBank. Is NetBanking easier then reading this billboard? Apparently not, according to many of its customers … Continue reading

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TV online in Australia, legal or otherwise

I noticed an article in the Sydney Morning Herald[1] suggesting that Apple iTunes will finally have downloadable TV shows in Australia. Apple is playing it down as just rumours, but iTunes 7.1 does add the ability to restrict downloaded shows … Continue reading

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A shower rose by any other name

Had the head fall off my shower today. How useful do you think the internet would be for finding the cost of a replacement? Not very. I tried looking up prices on Hardware retailers web sites. No prices, not even … Continue reading

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T-shirt shops

I’ve had a few ideas for things I thought would look good on T-shirts, both phrases and some cartoons. Not having the time to produce and market them myself I looked at the sites that offer a prefab online stores. … Continue reading

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