T-shirt shops

I’ve had a few ideas for things I thought would look good on T-shirts, both phrases and some cartoons. Not having the time to produce and market them myself I looked at the sites that offer a prefab online stores.

My first test shop is with CafePress.com. The back end for a store holder is good. There are a lots of products to choose from: mens and womens t-shirts, caps, mugs, kids clothes, and other assorted stuff. The free shop can only have one of each item, but you can have multiple stores hang off the same account.

The main detractor I see is that everything only comes in white. Ok, there there are also light pink, yellow and lime t-shirts. And the new Beta black t-shirts. But mostly it is all white. So I can’t use ideas that want another background color.

You can see my test shop at the link below:

-> Tengu Tech T-shirts <-

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