New iPod ad.

Camera sweeps threough a cave full with rubble. Centres on a metal cage and zooms in on two people inside. Covered in dust you only see two silhouettes. White cords run from their ears to small white boxes.

A voice over says “When next you get trapped in a cave remember to take your iPod”.

After reading about some of what was sent down to the miners in Tasmania, I could just see the next iPod add.

“Neither man has had direct contact with his family, on the advice of psychologists, though personal items, including an iPod, continue to be passed down the nine-centimetre-wide communication tube.”
“The iPod was filled with some of the men’s favourite music, including two albums of the grunge band Foo Fighters, requested by Mr Webb, and mixed country rock, preferred by Mr Russell.”

Miners’ freedom almost within grasp (Andrew Darby, Ben Doherty and Gary Tippet, SMH, 4 May 2006)

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