links for 2011-01-05

  • The internal email from the advertising agency about the GST for online purchases campaign that they want to run.
  • The secret strategy of the retailers to drum up support for their controversial campaign against GST-free online shopping on foreign websites can be revealed by BusinessDay.
  • WESFARMERS has thrown its weight behind a controversial campaign to scrap tax rules that allow Australians to shop on overseas websites without paying GST.
  • Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten and the Federal Government are right to resist self-interested calls by major retailers for a change in the GST treatment of products imported by consumers.
  • The Facebook founder and CEO preaches openness and “doesn’t believe in privacy,” but he just took $450 million from one of the villains of the financial crisis to help keep his company from going public–for now.
  • It almost never ceases to amaze how otherwise clever business people can get the politics of the moment completely wrong – and end up worse off than when they started.
  • A CAMPAIGN by major retailers to have GST imposed on purchases from foreign websites has backfired. Shoppers have rejected the campaign, attacking the big retailers in online forums across the internet.
  • SHOPPERS should not be penalised for the failure of big business to adapt to their changing needs, says the consumer watchdog, Choice, in response to powerful lobbying from major retailers to tax goods bought online.
  • Big retailers pushing for an overhaul of tax rules that allow foreign websites to sell products to Australians GST-free have come under fire, with claims the bid is driven by self-interested market dominators pretending to be David rather than Goliath.
  • How Gerry Harvey has been convincing bogans that shopping from his over priced stores are the way to go. And how is trying to convince the ATO to tax overseas online shopping.
  • Harvey Norman chairman Gerry Harvey is quoted in today’s Fairfax papers as being quoted in a new book criticising charity for “no hopers”. In these amusing extracts, Harvey says he’s happy to give money to help people realise their potential, but giving money to the homeless is just a “waste”.
  • Internet advocacy group, Electronic Frontiers Australia, has launched a counter-campaign against retailers lobbying for online purchases to be taxed.
  • “BILLIONAIRE retailer Gerry Harvey says Australia needs a two-tier wage system to allow employers to pay foreign guest workers less than locals.” A bit rich eh?
  • The cable TV channel has canned Stargate Universe. There will be no series 3.
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