It seems, @ClickFrenzy, some retailers’ websites have crapped themselves even before 7pm

An alliance of Australian retailers trying to make themselves still relevant in the online shopping world (something they have ignored for may years hoping it would die) have decided to try and emulate the US’s Cyber Monday with their effort called Click Frenzy.

Although, David Jones has decided to jump ship, opting to run its own sale.

Many articles I’ve read are wondering if the retailers’ sites are up to the task. Will they survive an onslaught of Australian shoppers? Or will they all just grind to a halt?

And, more importantly, will Australian shoppers actually turn up?

Well, it seems, at last some retailer’s online store can’t even make it that far. I was having a quick browse of the retailers listed. The Priceline Pharmacy site is really slow, sometimes timing out, and  the Bras N Things site has already crapped itself.

But the people at the General Pants site aren’t worried, they’re too drugged out to worry about this sort of problem.

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