Caught by NetBank problems?

NetBank is easier than billboards?Walking though Paddington today I noticed a few of these advertisements on bus stops advertising the ‘marvel’ that is the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s NetBank.

Is NetBanking easier then reading this billboard?

Apparently not, according to many of its customers recently. In the past week the CBA’s customers have faced a service that does not function fully[6], if available at all[7].

Initially blamed on ‘hackers’ causing excess traffic[1,4]. And later on excess traffic due to the end of the financial year[5].

There has been a trend of late for all the big banks to push people towards online banking as a way to cut down on staffing costs. But if you are going to push people to use a service, you should make sure that the service will be able to cope with the traffic you direct at it.

(And to think back in March, Sun thought that CBA was one of its major success stories.)

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