Are you a twit about trends?

With the recent death of Molly Sugden, twitter has been abuzz with tribute tweats to her. The hash tag being used is #MrsSlocombesPussy which, as you can see, displays no search results. Although, without the hash, MrsSlocombesPussy displays a list of tweets.

twitter-trendsAre you being censored?

Although at first it looks that way, apparently it is not the case. Just a technical limitation. The search with the # is 17 characters long, and a twitter search can only deal with 16 characters. Hence the unhashed version works.

Why is twitter being spammed?

Interestingly TechCrunch picked up on this. And, with out doing any due diligence, declaired it as spam. Of course, the general public decided to correct them (and put the boot in at the same time for their sloppy checking).

So, no spamming/gaming of twitter going on here. Just a case of technical limitations and bad reporting.

One tweat for all the trends..

But all this got me thinking. How many trends can you fit into one tweat and still have a readable message?

Ok Rove, Public Enemies say Goodnight at #iranelection to Michael Jackson feeding #moonfruit to #MrsSlocombesPussy

I managed to get most of the ones listed in CT’s offending image, 7 of 10. Maybe I’ll have to try again tomorrow and see how many of the current trends I can get into the tweet. 🙂

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