How do you count to Windows 7?

If the next version of Windows is version 7, how do you get to that number?

The last version of Windows with an advertised version number was Windows 3.1.1.

So there must be 3 different version of windows in the interim between 3 and 7. But I seem to remember a few more than that.

  1. Windows ’95
  2. Windows ’98
  3. Windows ’98SE
  4. Windows 2000
  5. Windows Me
  6. Windows XP
  7. Windows Vista

Which looks like 7 versions to me.

Of course, Microsoft are trying to down play it, but most people ignored Vista. Which drops us down to 6.

And nobody really liked Windows Me. So we can discount that one too. Now only 5 versions.

But that’s still too many.

Maybe it’s just a coding error that got overlooked, and output the number ‘7’ when asked which number the next version of Windows should be.

Or is it that a competitor already has mind share in the number 10?

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  1. Christian Kent says:

    Er no, it’s a pretty good reason for “7”, though I do think they’re making a mistake.

    Windows 1: No overlapping windows
    Windows 2: Looked most like old Mac UI
    Windows 3: The first one most people used
    Windows 4: Big changes: 95, 98 (4.1) and NT 4
    Windows 5: Overhaul: 2000 is 5.0, XP is 5.1
    Windows 6: Another overhaul for Vista

    But Windows 7 should really be called 6.1 or 6.5. There was no big overhaul from Vista. The difference is equivalent to 3.0 and 3.1, or 3.1 and 3.5, or 2000 and XP.


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