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eBay (threaten) to can Skype

After spending $US2.6 billion in 2005 on Skype, eBay is threatening to close it because of licensing problems. On of the largest global telecommunication providers was sold to eBay by the Skype founders in 2005. But an integral part of … Continue reading

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Where is your toothbrush made?

The world is has moved towards globally distributed manufacturing. Many household items are no longer made in your own country. Production having been moved offshore to a cheaper location. But what about your hygiene products? Staple things like toothbrushes and … Continue reading

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P.W. Frhouse Museum

A new museum in Sydney CBD? Who is P.W. Frhouse? Perhaps just a few lights have gone out? Taken at night in Sydney’s Darling Harbour. With the neon light of the ‘O’ not light and the bottom of the ‘E’ … Continue reading

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Backlit by Brüno

Saw Brüno last night at the Dendy on Newtown. And yes it does make you cringe. There are some good bits, and some bits where you just wonder ‘why am I watching this’. I can see why people have said … Continue reading

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Down to level 8

It was interesting to noticed a level 8 amongst the buttons for the lift. And the level 8 was below ground level. I suppose, situated in World Square, it is only a block from China Town. So, being an important … Continue reading

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Yoshinoya in Sydney

Having been in Japan for a year it was interesting to find a Yoshinoya in Sydney, on Oxford street. Apparently it has been there for a years, and I never noticed. Inside it didn’t quite feel like a Japan Yoshinoya, … Continue reading

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New park bench missing its twin

A new seating near the children’s playground in Gladstone Park, Darling St, Balmain. Just off to the right of it there is a patch of grass less earth. Last week I saw a council worker pour and shape two slabs … Continue reading

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Caught by NetBank problems?

Walking though Paddington today I noticed a few of these advertisements on bus stops advertising the ‘marvel’ that is the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s NetBank. Is NetBanking easier then reading this billboard? Apparently not, according to many of its customers … Continue reading

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Are you a twit about trends?

With the recent death of Molly Sugden, twitter has been abuzz with tribute tweats to her. The hash tag being used is #MrsSlocombesPussy which, as you can see, displays no search results. Although, without the hash, MrsSlocombesPussy displays a list … Continue reading

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