Where is your toothbrush made?

What toothbrush do you buy?The world is has moved towards globally distributed manufacturing. Many household items are no longer made in your own country. Production having been moved offshore to a cheaper location.

But what about your hygiene products? Staple things like toothbrushes and toothpaste? Who every looks at the back of the packet to find where they are made?

Well it seems that not everything is made it a cheap Asian neighbour. Here is a list of what I found at the local supermarket:

Colgate -> China
Oral-B -> Ireland
Reach -> Thailand & Brazil
Macleans -> Germany

Colgate -> Thailand
Macleans -> Australia

So it seems that Thailand is important dentally. And not all dental products are made in developing economies.

Of course, this sample was made at the Tai Kee IGA supermarket in Haymarket, Sydney. And product source may vary from store to store.

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