Yoshinoya in Sydney

Yoshinoya sydneyHaving been in Japan for a year it was interesting to find a Yoshinoya in Sydney, on Oxford street. Apparently it has been there for a years, and I never noticed.

Inside it didn’t quite feel like a Japan Yoshinoya, too much space. Though the menu looked about right (from the pictures, names didn’t necessarily match).

Yoshinoya in Japan is a 24 hour fast food noodle shop. Specialising in cheep meat on rice or meat on noodle dishes that you can get at any time of the day. (The Australian establishment is not 24 hour.)

Something to try in the future, but didn’t have time on the day.

Yoshinoya sydney Update 19.12.2010
Walking down Oxford street the other day I noticed Yashinoya was missing. It appears that it closed in September 2009, found this tweet and photo.

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