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Schemes Cobra couldn’t achieve, but the banks are trying

G.I. Joe’s Cobra has some mad schemes, like replacing all the money with it’s own. It should have become a bank, and things might work out better. Continue reading

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Yoda, make ads for @CitiBankAus, he does #photo

You know that times must be tough for Yoda when you find he has to write advertising for Citibank. Make everyday, fee free. We have.

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links for 2011-03-05

Computer fault – you can bank on it CONSUMERS can expect more inconvenience and disruptions to services offered by companies such as banks and airlines as a result of computer glitches, experts say. (tags: computer fail bank airline CommBank ATM … Continue reading

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Out of order ATM

Sorry, this machine is temporarily out of service Doesn’t it really annoy you finding an ATM that is not working? First the banks charge you for using someone else’s ATM, then you find their ATM broken so you have no … Continue reading

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Teller powered down for the day

Here you can see the latest model bank teller droid powered down at the end of the day. With the new power conservation laws in place, all unneeded appliances (droids included) must be powered down. Thereby reducing the nations carbon … Continue reading

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And the bank said “Go home and procreate”

Japan’s largest banking group says ‘Go home and procreate’. Taking the government directive to boost the population seriously, management at Mitsubishi UFJ sent staff an email telling them to go home at 5:10pm rather than the usual 7pm. The idea … Continue reading

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Caught by NetBank problems?

Walking though Paddington today I noticed a few of these advertisements on bus stops advertising the ‘marvel’ that is the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s NetBank. Is NetBanking easier then reading this billboard? Apparently not, according to many of its customers … Continue reading

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