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Light rail in Chinatown, Sydney

The light rail outside Market City, the Paddy’s market building, in Chinatown Sydney.

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Pannedemic \  panned-em-ic \ noun: When everyone criticises all you do and think, and you are getting sick of it.

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Ginger is lost

A plastic Ginger Bread Man that is lost and waiting for someone to come find him again. Seen against a fence in Harris St, Ultimo.

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Transport for all need not cost $600b: expert

A SWEEPING, multibillion-dollar transport plan, to be unveiled next week in a discussion paper from a leading transport researcher, Garry Glazebrook, of the University of Technology, Sydney, proposes linking almost every home, office and university in Sydney to upgraded train, … Continue reading

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The old and the weary

Saw these flowers left for ANZAC Day a week later, looking a little worse for wear, and though of  The Ode [2].

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The Apple Buzzle Puzzle: Did AAPL control insolvent reseller

Apple Australia is being sued for allegedly controlling a failed reseller, trading while insolvent for months. This reseller (and by inference, its managers) was so grossly incompetent that Apple did not trust its management’s ability to manage and account for … Continue reading

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Swine Fu

Swine Fu \ swahyn fu \ noun: An ancient martial art form practised by members of the pig family. Similar to the other animal styles of Kung Fu, but developed for porcine rather than to mimic them. This style is … Continue reading

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