Kraft’s sweettooth snacks on Cadbury

Cheap chocolate at WoolworthsCadbury, my favourite brand of chocolate, is being devoured by Kraft.

For a deal worth £11.5 billion ($20.28 billion), or 860 pence a share, most of the articles I have seen talk about the worry of having to make ‘making significant cost savings’, ie job losses. And while I sampathise with the people that may loose their jobs, I worry about the state of my favourite chocolate.

When Kraft takeover Cadbury wil they change the mix of the chocolate? Cadbury is an iconic brand of chocolate would you mess with the recipe?

No being a fan of Kraft cheese. And noticing the recent Vegemite iSnack 2.0 debarcle. I am a little worried.

Althought I see they also own Toblerone. So, maybe they can still make decent chocolate. I wil have to wait and see.

More worrying is the rumors mentioned of a counter offer by Hershey. If that maker of crap compount chocolate takes over Cadbury, I can really see the quality going down the tubes,

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