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New job = No life

I have a new job 馃檪 I have no life 馃檨 Not much commentary posted her in recent weeks as I have a new job. Which is good because it pays the bills, but it leaves little time for much … Continue reading

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Government to bar code kids to keep better stastics

As part of a new system implemented by the Federal Government, all school students will be bar coded. Students will be required to scan themselves when they site for tests to improve data tracking. And, as an added benefit, it … Continue reading

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Nomadic Rug Trader

Had lunch in Pyrmont today and I was thinking about an establishment called the Nomadic Rug Trader. So what do they sell? Nomadic Rugs I suppose. And do these rugs travel in herds? Perhaps they need a shepard? Which is … Continue reading

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conservatopia (definition)

conservatopia \ con脗路serv脗路a脗路to脗路pia \ noun: An imagined place or state where nothing ever changes. A place that suffers of newmonia often wished they were.

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newmonia (definition)

newmonia \ neu脗路moh脗路nee脗路uh \ noun: A medical condition where suffers feel the need to complain about all the new things they encounter.

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Kids relegated to purgatory at Broadway

In their infinite wisdom Centre Management at Broadway Shopping Centre have moved the kids area to level 3, next to Priceline. The furthest they can get it away from the shops without leaving the centre? This is the second time … Continue reading

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And he waits

Standing firm at the curb, he looks toward the oncoming cars. His stance enhanced by the jacket and sunglasses. Fate is coming and he is waiting to embrace it. Or, maybe the bus us just running late.

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iiNet one, AFACT zero

This morning the twitterverse was abuzz with the news that iiNet had won the cast AFACT brought against them. It was found that ISPs are not responsible for what users use them for. Nice to see you can’t punish ISPs … Continue reading

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