Kids relegated to purgatory at Broadway

Kids relegated to purgatory at BroadwayIn their infinite wisdom Centre Management at Broadway Shopping Centre have moved the kids area to level 3, next to Priceline. The furthest they can get it away from the shops without leaving the centre?

This is the second time in a year they have move the kids playground.

Is the reason for moving, that stores have complained about the kids area being to close to them? I would think it would be good the surrounding stores. Parents are stuck there for a length of time, with nothing else to look at.

The kids playground was in a convenient location. Easy to visit when you need to let them burn off extra energy. Now you have to drag kids along a series of escalators or wait for space on the one lift that goes to level 3.

I suppose kids don’t make many purchases in the shopping centre. So why not just stick them where they are neither seen nor heard?

It’s more likely that just want the space to put in more shops. Like the reason they moved the customer service desk somewhere not obvious.

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