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Protection from trees

On my way to work I noticed these warning signs put out by council to protect the public from trees. A reminder to all cyclists and pedestrians of the dangers trees present. As you can see, they had to bury … Continue reading

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Painting Broadway

Late at night. When all the shops are closed (save Coles and Kmart). And the customers have all but disappeared. The painting gnomes roll out their hydraulic platforms, and touch up the ceiling.

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Why it can be hard to go to bed

It was interesting to watch this video about ‘Cognitive Surplus‘. What people do when they have too much free time. And how the Internet is a vent for the creativeness that everyone possesses. On the other hand this cartoon conveys … Continue reading

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HHGG – RC Sensitive Sunglasses

Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Entry: RC Sensitive Sunglasses Description: Eye wear proscribed by the Australian Government, designed to go black, preventing ‘inadvertent exposure’. Always keep your cool when viewing the Internet.

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Lets do the Twist, in Pyrmont

Today Union square in Pyrmont was occupied camera crew, support personnel, and all their associated paraphernalia. Looked to be filming a TV commercial for KFC’s Twisters.

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