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Ferrari goes Anime

I don’t normally write about cars here, so consider this post to be about Anime. I recently cam across images Ferrari 458 Italia. And it looked to me like something out of Japanese Anime. Perhaps Ghost in the Shell. or … Continue reading

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Out of order ATM

Sorry, this machine is temporarily out of service Doesn’t it really annoy you finding an ATM that is not working? First the banks charge you for using someone else’s ATM, then you find their ATM broken so you have no … Continue reading

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Australian Internet Blackout v1.0 released

Just updated my Australian Internet Blackout WordPress plugin to version 1.0. Version 1.0 makes use of the wp_enqueue_script() function to load the Blackout JavaScript. This should stop the double loading of jQuery, and avert possible conflicts (that is the theory … Continue reading

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Schools will be rated by Lleyton Hewitt

In today’s Sun Herald Julia Gillard reviles that schools will now be rated by Lleyton Hewitt. Upon hearing the news at his court in Melbourne Mr Hewitt raised his fist and screamed in joy. The familiar ‘Common’ could be heard … Continue reading

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Australian Internet Blackout WordPress Plugin

I have been a bit lax recently about posting to my blog, and updating the Conroy’s Christmas present list. But my spare time has been taken up learning to write WordPress plugins. For my first WordPress plugin I present the … Continue reading

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Kraft’s sweettooth snacks on Cadbury

Cadbury, my favourite brand of chocolate, is being devoured by Kraft. For a deal worth £11.5 billion ($20.28 billion), or 860 pence a share, most of the articles I have seen talk about the worry of having to make ‘making … Continue reading

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Toilet signs in other languages

Do you see many signs in multiple languages and wonder of they all say the same thing? Say this sign in a Vietnamese restaurant in Marrickville, and thought was interesting to find the Vietnamese of the message in English. Vui … Continue reading

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Teller powered down for the day

Here you can see the latest model bank teller droid powered down at the end of the day. With the new power conservation laws in place, all unneeded appliances (droids included) must be powered down. Thereby reducing the nations carbon … Continue reading

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Which anti filter group should you belong to?

One of the big problems is the anti filter campaign at the moment is its divided front. There is no clear leader giving direction to the campaign. The No Internet Censorship site, run by the Australian Democrats, has an interesting … Continue reading

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When the pricing at Coles doesn’t add up.

This seems to be a problem with this price tags in the Coles flavoured milk section. If you are paying $6 for 3 Ice Breaks, and the price is $2.95 or $2.89 each, I would hope you save more than … Continue reading

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