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Signage for drunks

Every wondered how drunks lying on CityRail trains know what they shouldn’t be doing? Looks like someone else had the same idea and moved the prohibitions sign accordingly.

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Banks Y2K10 bug

So it appears that the Y2K bug has turned up a little late. Maybe the big had budget and scope problems, and is running behind schedule? The Bank of Queensland EFTPOS machines have had problems since the 1st. And now … Continue reading

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In with the old, and Out with the new.

Walking down George Street Sydney it was interesting to catch a truck going down the street replacing the festival signs. A workman was lifted in a bucket to remove the New Years Eve posters and replace them with Sydney Festival … Continue reading

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Washed out alternate Christmas

The family Christmas picnic was postponed a week this year due to the storms. Unfortunately, it seems, the storms decided to return today just to spite us. As luck would have it, we got a call to tell us the … Continue reading

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And on the 8th day…

And on the 8th day God created the Internet Filter. Commanding ‘Thou shall have no other Internet before me’.

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