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Who’s looking out my window?

With a consistent 9 to 10 views a day since I put it up at the beginning of the month, this photo is currently one the most popular on my flickr stream. But who is looking at it? It is … Continue reading

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Clouds in sunset over Glebe Point Rd

Streaks of clouds coloured pink by the sunset over Glebe. Taken looking down at Glebe Point Rd from the Broadway shopping centre car park. Not sure which is the better photo of these two. The first has better colour and … Continue reading

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And the bank said “Go home and procreate”

Japan’s largest banking group says ‘Go home and procreate’. Taking the government directive to boost the population seriously, management at Mitsubishi UFJ sent staff an email telling them to go home at 5:10pm rather than the usual 7pm. The idea … Continue reading

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Strawberry Ice Cream Soup

A plate of strawberry ice cream that has been left unattended and mostly melted. Looks like a bowl of pumpkin soup doesn’t it?

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Bookmarking in the iTunes store

Do you ever find things in the iTunes store and think “I don’t want that now, but might be interested later”? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bookmark feature in iTunes? Well its good to see that I am … Continue reading

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Queuing for Christmas

Mad crowds at Coles Broadway on Christmas eve? Outside it didn’t look that bad. Inside there were lots of people, but the isles were not jammed full. The checkouts at one end were quite full. You can see even the … Continue reading

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Collection of clouds

A collection of cloud photos from today.

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Backed up due to bus strike in Sydney

With the bus strike in Sydney the trip home on Friday evening must have been a long and tedious one for many. Here you can see Wattle Street, one of the main feeder roads for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and … Continue reading

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Conroy’s Christmas present, Internet censorship #nocleanfeed

Stephen Conroy has delivered his Christmas present early, ISP level Internet filter. Tuesday afternoon the government announced that was giving the green light to its controversial censorship plan. And Conroy stated that we can look forward to legislation being introduced … Continue reading

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Abbot to de-legalise abortion, then remove no fault divorce?

I was thinking about Tony Abbott’s recent appointment as leader of the Liberal party. Apart from his dislike of the ETS (we just need dykes like the Netherlands), and the fact Abbott doesn’t know what peak oil is, his policies … Continue reading

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