Abbot to de-legalise abortion, then remove no fault divorce?

I was thinking about Tony Abbott’s recent appointment as leader of the Liberal party. Apart from his dislike of the ETS (we just need dykes like the Netherlands), and the fact Abbott doesn’t know what peak oil is, his policies include a strong desire to make abortion harder.

Without delving into the reasons this could be a bad thing, I wondered what the next step a right wing Catholic PM would take.There must be too many divorces at the moment, for that side of politics. Lets remove no-fault divorce.

Doesn’t no fault divorce just make it easier to split up families?

But looking back I see that this was July’s policy. Abbott talked of moving to an opt in fault divorce [2]. Reversing the no fault divorce legislation passed by the Whitlam government in 1975. An idea that even the private investigation industry though was a stupid.

So, it looks like de-legalising abortion, or at least making it much harder to access, has been chosen as the easier right wing agenda item to push.

But, expect that if this goes through, a modification to the no fault divorce law will be surely follow.

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