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David Jones window displays are such a drag

Do you ever look at the window displays in department stores in the city? Standing at the bus stop outside David Jones women’s building I was intrigued by the window display. It just felt a little odd. Don’t their faces … Continue reading

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Feel penalised for bad fashion sense on CityRail doll?

As you can see from this poster, CityRail is going to be imposing on the spot fines for bad dress sense. Don’t wear those Aggressive cut jeans. You might be up for a $400 on the spot fine, or 3 … Continue reading

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Up and Down, a new tune by Green Chilli Music

After a couple of years break I have sat down and composed stuff and GarageBand again. The latest tune by my alter ego Green Chilli Music is Up and Down. An attempt to use the less is more technique in … Continue reading

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Get real taste? Try something else

Caution writer unloading. On the back of a Coca Cola delivery truck I walked past the other day was an advertisement for the new Goulburn Valley Dairy Co flavoured milk. ‘Get real taste‘ it proclaimed. Well, at the beginning of … Continue reading

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Trending Topics Mash (20091116)

Have not done a Trending Topics Mash for a while. So her is one today I Have Never Used New Moon in Modern Warfare 2 on Dravid, Although #theresway2many #wherethehellyoubeen for #musicmonday Goodnight #TTMash (permalink, image)

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Can you have energy without sugar?

Energy drinks for diabetics? Or maybe just the weight conscious? I found that V is offering sugarfree invigoration, an energy drink without the sugar. With that nice shiny silver label. But what is the point? Don’t you need sugar for … Continue reading

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Coffee for two?

Right next to the Gloria Jean’s Coffee on Railway Square a new coffee shop is about to open, Charlie Lovett. It is interesting to notice the similarities in colour scheme, yellow and cream on a brown background. Ok, I think … Continue reading

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Opinion on Automated checkouts

Coles are installing automated checkouts in their stores. I had the unfortunate experience of being pushed into using one yesterday in World Square. Ok, I only had 1 item to purchase. And there was a person there to ‘help’ people … Continue reading

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illiteration / elliteration (definition)

illiteration \ ill·lit·er·a·tion \ noun: When all the diseases a hypochondriac thinks they have start with the same letter or sound. elliteration \ e·lit·er·a·tion \ noun: When a individual posts the same thing, or something that sounds the same, online … Continue reading

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24 Hour Flood Damage Service

Need some flood damage? Look no further that that this helpful business. Available to provide flood damage 24 hours a day. Um, perhaps I’m reading that wrong.

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