Up and Down, a new tune by Green Chilli Music

Up and Down

After a couple of years break I have sat down and composed stuff and GarageBand again.

The latest tune by my alter ego Green Chilli Music is Up and Down.

An attempt to use the less is more technique in song writing. It only uses 6 loops, with some effects. Trying not to sound like someone tried to stick all the favourite loops into one track.

It works on some level, but is maybe a little repetitive. And ends abruptly.

So, as time permits I’ll work on an updated version.

In the meantime go check out the new track: Up and Down 20091020

Edit 23 Nov 2009:
A version where I updated the end has been uploaded: Up and Down 20091022

Edit: With the death of MacJames, this track has moved to Up and Down on Soundcloud.

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