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Sorry we’re closed

Sign inside coffee shop on the George St side of The Galleries Victoria (TGV) reads “Sorry we’re closed”. Though at 1/4 past midnight, I’m not really looking for coffee, just sleep. I liked the contrast between light and shadow, black … Continue reading

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What do you have in the first aid section?

I’m not sure all the things in the first aid section at the local Coles supermarket should really be classified as such. Band-aids and other bandages are a normal part of the first aid section. Now, I can see that … Continue reading

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fragrant disregard

fragrant disregard \ phrase an obvious, conspicuously bad sense of smell “He showed fragrant disregard at the markets, and bought fish that smelt dreadful.” — The English on this menu in China Town reads “Shredded pork in fragrant hot sauce”. … Continue reading

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Much experience waiting? Join the queue

Saw this wanted ad in the window of a café in Newtown. Must have waiting and coffee experience. Yes, I’ve spent extended amounts on time waiting in phone queues for a customer service representative. And by the time you get … Continue reading

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Multi buy and save, or buy one and pay the same

Noticed the label on the shelf in Coles exhorting the wonder that is ‘Multi Save‘ on 200g blocks of Cadbury chocolate. You can buy ‘Any 2 for $6‘. A wonderful saving at only $1.50 per 100g. Or you could just … Continue reading

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Economically stimulating in Balmain

In Balmain at Balmain Public School you can see some of the effects of the Economic Stimulus package coming into effect. Today I noticed that one of the school’s building is/has been torn down. And they are currently scooping up … Continue reading

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So much for one post a day

Had intended to do one post a day for October. Some social commentary, of a picture commenting on things I saw. It worked for half a month, but October just happens to be at the wrong time of year. Too … Continue reading

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What should I buy now that the Australian dollar is doing well?

Now that the Australian Dollar is doing well, about US$0.92 to the AU$, it seems like the perfect time to buy all the stuff I wanted overseas. The only problem is, what did I really need? And all the recent … Continue reading

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Encrypted laundry service

Worried about keeping your linen clean, and secure from interception? Are there bugs in your laundry? Can you bank on it coming back to you clean? Try the new SSL Spotless Linen service. And secure your bedding with the latest … Continue reading

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Sign Under Test

Looking down Broadway in Ultimo. A new sign for the RTA to give motorists ‘important’ directions stands with a test message.

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