Get real taste? Try something else

Get real taste, try something else Caution writer unloading.

On the back of a Coca Cola delivery truck I walked past the other day was an advertisement for the new Goulburn Valley Dairy Co flavoured milk. ‘Get real taste‘ it proclaimed.

Well, at the beginning of November, due to a shortage of Oak milk at Woolworths, I purchased some of this new flavoured milk.

Not my best decision, but I can put it down as ‘taking one for the the team‘. This brand is not something I would recommend.

Actually it is something I recommend against. The taste was rather bland and dry. And not smooth like Oak. More like compound chocolate.

After talking to a manager at one Woolworths I hear that head office management has decided to delete Oak milk, ie not stock it in Woolworths stores (the 375 ml and 600 ml sizes at least). And I was not the first to complain to this manager.

I speculate that there has been some commercial deal between Woolworths and Coca Cola, where the new Goulburn Valley milk varieties take the shelf space once occupied by Oak flavoured milk. A strange move considering the Oak milk, especially chocolate, always seemed to sell out before other brands.

But I can’t be expected to understand the nuances of this corporate decision making process. I’ll just have to go to Coles for my Oak chocolate milk in future.

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