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Remember not to use the display toilets in IKEA! (photo)

It is funny to find signs telling you not to use the display toilets in IKEA. I wonder how many people would use the toilets in a public place if not signposted?

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Rent this studio, comes with man peeing

When taking photos to advertise your rental property, remember to think about what the other people in the shot are doing (or look like they are doing). It is good to know that all facilities work, but we don’t need … Continue reading

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Toilet signs in other languages

Do you see many signs in multiple languages and wonder of they all say the same thing? Say this sign in a Vietnamese restaurant in Marrickville, and thought was interesting to find the Vietnamese of the message in English. Vui … Continue reading

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Odd Spot #538: Christmas crackers every month

Around 50% of the population may already know this. But for the other 50% here is a weird fact I just learnt. Women using Fleur sanitary pads get Christmas crackers every month. You see, not only do you get a … Continue reading

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